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Olay Natural White Day Lotion

Olay Natural White Day Lotion

Olay Natural White Day Lotion is the ideal day-time protection for oily or combination skin. It effectively blocks out UVA and UVB radiations that may darken and damage your skin. This lotion nourishes skin from deep inside to reveal its inner health and radiance.

Olay Natural White Day Lotion contains no chemical bleaches - its pure natural ingredients make your skin look milky, translucent white in just 2 weeks. It is ideal to cover up dark spots, freckles and sun spots and also acts as a base for make-up.

product information
Three simple steps for fairer healthier skin: 1- Cleanse: Gently cleanse your skin with Natural White face wash to clear away impurities, preparing for whitening care.

2- Hydrate:
Massage the Day Cream or Lotion onto your face and neck before applying makeup. Its Vitamin B3 enriched formula gives you fairer looking skin and helps reduce the appearance of dark spots. Its SPF protection effectively helps protect your skin against external damage from the sun and helps maintain your skin's fairness.

3 - Nourish:
At night, apply the Natural White Night Cream for a whitening treatment that works while you sleep.
application instructions
Apply liberally over face and neck every day after cleansing with Olay Natural White face wash. Reapply during the day as necessary.