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  • Olay White Radiance Ultra UV blocker sunscreen SPF 50

    Olay White Radiance Ultra UV Blocker formula enriched with SPF 50 UVA/UVB & Vitamin B3 helps protect your natural fairness and evens skin tone leaving your skin fairer and more radiant.

    The Result?
    -Skin looks brighter
    -Over time, skin tone appears lighter AND more even

  • Olay Natural White Instant Glowing Fairness cream

    Discover natural fairness that keeps you glowing every day with Olay Natural White. Its light and non-greasy formula works immediately to brighten your face and also helps to lighten and even skin tone, and protect your skin from sun damage to give you a fairer, healthier glow

  • Olay Natural White day cream

    Olay Natural White Cream is the ideal day-time protection for normal to dry skin. It effectively blocks out UVA and UVB radiations that may darken and damage your skin. This cream nourishes skin from deep inside to reveal its inner health and radiance.
    Olay Natural White Cream contains no chemical bleaches - its purely natural ingredients make your skin look milky, translucent white in just 2 weeks. It is ideal to cover up dark spots, freckles and sun spots and also acts as a base for make-up.

  • Olay Essentials Complete nourishing fluid

    Olay Complete Nourishing Fluid (SPF 15) contains a unique combination of essential ingredients. So you can be sure it will give your skin everything it needs most to look its best. Its vitamin-mineral complex and antioxidants nourish and protect your skin. The moisturizing ingredients bind water into the upper layers of your skin to provide it day-long hydration. Its advanced anti-UV system protects your skin from sun and environmental damage.

    Dermatologist tested and recommended, its light and non-greasy formula is non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores), 100% oil free and 100% PABA free. What you get, is visibly smoother, softer, healthier skin.

  • Eye CC cream Olay Total Effects

    This daily all-in-one treatment provides 7 beautiful benefits to color and correct the skin around your eyes in one simple step.
    Enjoy a more youthful appearance around your eyes effortlessly.

  • Olay Total Effects CC cream medium SPF 15

    Olay Total Effects CC cream includes skin perfecting powders of a BB cream to give you flawless coverage instantly PLUS 50% more of the proven anti-aging VitaNiacin complex than Total Effects BB Cream to correct your skin tone appearance over time.

  • Olay White Radiance fairness lotion

    White Radiance Fairness Lotion functions as your skin’s daytime protector. It contains SPF 24 and provides both UVA and UVB protection. The combination of glycerin, vitamin E and natural emollients gives you superior long lasting moisturization. It helps the skin fight against moisture loss due to air-conditioning, sun exposure or wind. Its non-greasy formula allows you to use it liberally, everyday for complete protection from pollution. It improves the texture of the skin and brings you radiant, smooth skin.

  • Fairness protective cream Olay White Radiance

    Olay White Radiance Fairness series brings you deeply* rooted radiance at the surface cellular level. Its deep* whitening active penetrates up to 8 surface cell layers to give your skin that deep inner glow.
    Olay White Radiance Fairness series containing Vitamins B3, E & pro B5 moisturizes your skin and helps even out your complexion, leaving your skin fairer and more radiant. *refers to the stratum corneum of the skin

  • Essentials Classic Beauty Fluid

    We've enriched the Olay Classic Beauty Fluid with precious moisture-rich nutrients that work deep down in the skin and lock in its natural moisture.

    A light and non-greasy formula, it can be used effectively for all skin types. And since it is absorbed deep down into the skin to where it is really needed, it leaves no grease at all on the surface. This way, the Olay Classic Beauty Fluid ensures that your skin can breathe naturally. It also makes an ideal base for make-up.

    Suitable for all skin types; Skin compatibility dermatalogically tested; pH Neutral.

  • Olay Total Effects BB cream touch of foundation (fair)

    The original BB cream from Olay Total Effects. 7-in-1 anti-ageing moisturiser formula to fight 7 signs of ageing with SPF15 and a touch of foundation to perfectly even your skin tone.